Disposable Nipple covers
Disposable Nipple covers
Disposable Nipple covers
Adhesive Bra Nippleless Cover.
Nipple Pasties

Disposable Nipple Covers, Breast Pasties Adhesive Bra Nippleless Cover

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5 pairs sticker + 5 pairs flower nipple cover


Disposable Nipple Covers

1.【Safe】100% Medical Grade Disposable Nipple covers. Stickiness of these pasties pass test, it serve its purpose with no harm and irritation to skin. But not available on sun burned, irritated, or sensitive skin.

2.【Breathable】Satin Material STURME nipple covers are made of high quality satin, Gently molds to your breast shape. You don’t have to worry about your nipples showing through your clothes. It can be wore alone of bra-less or under a bra.

3.【Portable and Disposable】Designed to be small enough to fit in a handbag. Made for one time use, very convenient and clean. A tip: moist your pasties with heated towel for a few minutes, then tear off them slowly and tenderly

4.【Multi Occasions】Showing a smooth look with or without your bra. It’s perfect for all occasions. Such as: dancing, dates, under a bikini top at the pool or beach, special events, or weddings. It’s also a great choice to prevent chaffing while jogging and for protection while tanning topless.


Wearing Steps:

  1. Firstly rip the lower half “U-shapedd”.
  2. The upper part is “convex”. Don’t tear it off.
  3. Place the “U” ends on each side of the nipple and smooth from the middle to the sides.
  4. Then tear up the paper the upper back.
  5. Finally lift the breast up and paste it(suggest that the chest can go to the middle and adjust the breast shape).


Warm Tips:

  1. To remove the Disposable Nipple covers, gently pull the petal off the breast. when any adhesive remains, use rubbing alcohol or baby oil to remove it.
  2. Do not apply over broken, damaged or sun-burned skin.
  3. Have a hot shower or soak in the bath, when you are having trouble getting it off.
  4. Do not wear breast petals for too long time especially for those who has sensitive skin, do not sleep on wear them.




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