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Best Lift up nipple cover invisible Sticky bra Strapless backless bra

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Buruaa is a unique adhesive bra that offers the same freedom as going braless but with great support and lift. It’s perfect for a natural look under tops and dresses!

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Lift up nipple cover invisible Sticky bra Strapless backless bra

Sticky bra information:

1.The sticky bra can lift up the breasts to achieve the good looking when wearing strapless bras.

2.Color: Black and nude Liftup nipple cover (2 pairs nude + 1 pairs black)

3.The Breast lift bra can not only lift your chest but also make your chest look very full. It completely covers the chest and does not squeeze the chest. Putting on our bra can not only show you the beautiful chest lines but also making you the focus of everyone.

4.The top half of the nipple covers can be clipped. Length can be cut freely, and it can meet the clothing needs of different occasions.

5. It’s a good idea to keep breast pasties in your pocket if you are staying overnight travel. Get rid of a thick bra with straps, obtain cute portable palm-sized nipple lifting pasties. 


Sticky bra attention:

1. Please don’t let anything except skin and protective film touch the adhesive surface.
2. Please do not use a brush or other hard objects to clean the rubber surface.
3. Not suitable for women with allergic skin.
4. Do not use on skin with open wounds or pain or sunburn. All skin types have different types. Stop use if you have pain or rash or itching.
5. Paste the protective film on the rubber surface, and place it in a cool and ventilated place to dry naturally. Do not dry in the sun.


Sticky bra  Remark:
1.People with oily skin and allergic skin are not recommend to wear invisible bras. They are not recommend to wear invisible bras for outdoor activities or work with heavy sweating.

2.Invisible bras are not a substitute for traditional bras. It is recommend not to wear more than 10 hours a day.

3.WARM TIPS Excessive sweat will affect the effectiveness of the adhesive, so the adhesive bra is not suitable for high-temperature outdoor use or exercise. Sweat and high temperature may affect the stickiness of silica gel. Before use, please wipe your breasts with a warm towel, and do not use any body oil or lotion

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