What is Sportswear?

Special clothing and footwear which are wear for physical exercise or sports are called Sportswear. They are use mostly for comfort, functionality, and safety reasons.

Sports garment varies from tracksuits, T-shirts, shorts, sports bra, jockstrap, undergarments to swimsuits, wet suits, ski suits, etc. And sports footwear includes; trainers, joggers, football boots, ice skates, etc.

Nowadays sportswear has turn into casual fashion clothing as well.  And that is why sportswear brands are introduce which are endorsed by celebrities and sports persons i.e., Nike, Puma, Reebok, Adidas, Skechers, etc. The sporting goods industry is worth billions of dollars. The numbers of sportswear outlets and marts are increasing and now sportswear brands are moving to online sales with the increase in demand.

One of the online brands I came through is Buruaa which is a Chinese brand and I will tell you later in this article that why I chose Buruaa for my sportswear and it was my best choice.

Why we need sportswear when doing sports?

Every sportswear is made of a different lightweight fabric which gives a suitable functionality for each type of sport or exercise. For example, yoga clothing is made of stretchable material of knitted construction to make it easy to stretch while doing yoga. Sportswear for long-distance running is made with fabric that takes out the moisture from inside of the clothes to outside (moisture-wicking fabric).

Sportswear must be durable, comfortable, and functional as well as gives you a unique identity. For instance, sports leggings should be durable in a way that they have tear resistance, stretchability and abrasion-proof. A sports bra is necessary to avoid sagging and pain caused by physical exercise. This is because the skin and ligaments are stretched during the physical exercise which causes sagging and pain. So the sports bra basically supports breasts by minimizing its movement and eases discomfort.

Now if we talk about yoga pants, they are designed in a way that is tight against the lower body and made in flexible material for stretches. And it shows the true curvy figure after you do a lot of squats.

Benefits of Sportswear

1.    Saves you from injuries

Using the wrong clothes for your sports causes a lot of sports-related injuries. Therefore, you might want to wear gloves at the gym to prevent calluses and blisters on your palm. Good sports footwear prevents you from knee and ankle injuries caused by high impact jumps.

2.    Boost confidence

The clothes you wear at the gym also make a difference if you believe that these clothes will help you perform better. As the saying goes, ‘Dress for success’, it is not just for the workplace but also for a gym. Some sports brands are selling plain shirts which are designed in a way that when you sweat a lot then you can see on the shirt it is written ‘you can go home now’. I find it so motivating because I will know that I have to keep on doing exercise till I sweat enough and can see that statement.

3.    Improves performance

Once you are confident about your sportswear it will directly improve your performance. With properly fitted clothes, you will not be tensed to make moves in which your shirt will be upside down. You will be a lot more comfortable and work harder.

While jogging in a park you will definitely wish to run back home as soon as possible if you are sweating profusely and looks gross. But if you would be wearing a proper sweatshirt that wicks away moisture, you might do another 3-4 laps without worrying about looking all sweaty.

4.    Accelerate recovery

Compression clothing helps to protect the muscle inflammation and improves blood circulation. The increased blood flow in the muscles removes lactic acid produced during exercise.


As I mention above that Buruaa was my go-to brand in terms of sportswear so I will tell you the reasons why Buruaa is the best choice for sportswear.

Buruaa is a Chinese brand, launched in 2008. It specializes in a variety of bras and women’s fashion products. They have recently launched sports bras, tops, and underwear. There are different sizes and color options to choose from. Fabric materials, moisture-wicking level, colorfastness level, friction resistance levels are mentioned for each product. Nothing is hidden from the buyer and you will get the best quality sportswear.

The best thing about Buruaa is that for each product they mention the type of sports or exercise that it is suitable for. This factor helps the customer in choosing the best-suited product.

Now you know how important it is to select the best-suited Sportswear. And not one sportswear is suitable for all types of exercises and sports so choose wisely. Buruaa and many other brands are available to with a variety of sportswear and footwear which provides comfort, functionality, durability, and safety.

So, go and grab your sportswear to make your workout effective and see great results.



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